28 Jul

Selfie Spots as an Amusement Park Attraction

Your Business Model should adapt to your customer’s actions and preferences.  Not the other way around.  If a customer’s actions don’t line up with your Business Model, the solution isn’t to stop them or to put up a sign saying ‘DONT DO THIS’.  Follow their lead.
A good example of this was when I recently spent the day at Disney California Adventure, a sub-attraction of Disneyland.  I couldn’t help but notice how certain areas of the park were very popular for taking selfies.  Often near the entrance or a popular attraction.  I also noticed that Disney, which capitalizes on every opportunity to market the Disney brand, seemed to ignore this fact.   I came up with a few ideas for implementing this:
  • Having a map for all the good selfie-spots and making sure they are out of the way of foot traffic.
  • Ensuring these selfie-spots are well taken care of, and incorporate depth of field, lighting, composition, and minimize photo bombing.
  • QR codes at each spot for check ins and linked with augmented reality zones
  • Social media staff assigned to interact or message guests that check in at the spots and post a selfie.
  • Themed contests, prizes, Easter eggs for guests that go above and beyond the normal selfie.

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